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Whether it’s the state’s longest rifle range, premiere hand gun training, group classes, or a top-tier concealed carry class, you’ll find it all on The Ranges at The Highlands. Our exceptional facility is paired with a passion and knowledge for the best in firearms education and equipment… The perfect addition to The Best Place on Earth.

While members enjoy advanced booking options, complimentary long gun FFL transfers, and a variety of additional exclusive offers, everyone is welcome to attend one of our many public range events. Our full-service Gun Lounge is fully stocked with a selection of firearms and accessories available for sale, including the monstrous Barrett M82 .50 Caliber Sniper Rifle!

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About The RANGES at the Highlands

Our Facility Boasts the Sole 1,400 Yard Rifle Range
in the state of Wisconsin

Visiting the Range

Decades of excellence at The Highlands Sportsman’s Club has ushered in a new era, bringing you The Ranges at The Highlands. Born out of a passion for competition, excellence, safety, and lifelong learning, The Firearms Academy pairs the finest Wisconsin range facilities with the best in firearms instruction and equipment. You’ve come to expect nothing less from The Best Place on Earth.

Home to exclusive Memberships and Training Opportunities, we’ve constructed one of the best facilities in the State of Wisconsin featuring:

  • Range 1: Targets and barricades from 0 – 1,000 Yards
  • Range 2: 270° CQB training area
  • Range 3: Covered pistol bay
  • Range 4: Additional rifle and pistol bays coming soon!
  • Range 5: Additional rifle and pistol bay coming soon!

And, at the end of the day, the Gun Lounge welcomes you to unwind, kick back, and consider adding to your collection, because you earned it.

World Renowned Rangemaster and Professional Firearm Instructor at The Ranges

David Maglio is a Certified Firearms Instructor for the Wisconsin Department of Justice for Rifle and Handgun. He is also a Certified Instructor for the National Rifle Association in Pistol, Shotgun, Rifle, Personal Protection in the Home and Personal Protection out of the Home as well as a Range Safety Officer.

Having spent decades in law enforcement and the firearm industry, David Maglio, U.S. Marine Corps and Retired Deputy Sheriff, leads The Academy as Rangemaster and Master Instructor.

Living by the philosophy that skills development is a life-long journey, David’s experience in firearms instruction and competition has earned him both recognition and respect nationwide.

As a Masaad Ayoob Group Senior Staff Instructor and skilled trainer, David pairs technical instruction, safety and observation tactics, and biomechanics of the body with the softer skills of adult learning theory. This holistic teaching philosophy ensures new students, as well as advanced shooters, enjoy a rewarding, productive session at the gun range, refining their sport while learning from one of the most respected instructors in the industry.

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